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Different people are interested in different things. Professionals specialise in different genres. I personally prefer landscape shots and nature shots. I’ve branched out a bit into wildlife shots but, to be honest, they are trickier because the subject moves!

But despite all our differences, are people inspired by the same things? Are we all essentially inspired by beauty? Capturing something striking?

As an amateur who enjoys photography as a hobby I have the luxury of being able to pick up my camera, just go, and wait for inspiration to strike. Very occassionally I plan a specific shot. But is there a middle ground, where we can train ourselves to be inspired more easily? How do we do that? I know many people get ideas from other blogs, visiting exhibitions – but then our ideas are only fed by other photos already taken. I know many people find it helps the creative mind to choose a theme – but maybe that also limits our perspective.

Fellow photographers, where do you find your best inspirations come from, in general and in particular?


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