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Eastertime is a celebration every year, with symbols reminding us of these themes: Palm branches = welcoming, Easter lilies = purity, the lamb = sacrifice, the cross = victory, Easter eggs = symbol of life, baby chicks = new birth, candles =  light overcomes darkness. (I didn’t know about the lilies before, so I learnt that too!)

Home DecorationsDecorating the home with feathers and flowers is the less serious side of Easter… but since Easter is also a joyful time I think it is good to show we are celebrating with some colour and creativity around the home.

Decorating twigs with coloured feathers and painted eggs is a custom I first came across in Sweden quite a few years ago. I thought it was an easy and fun way to brighten up a room, and added to the feeling of Easter being a celebration. Now there are decorations in shops all around and the custom is spreading, but I’m still going to claim that my family was the first to adopt it in our neighbourhood. So I think visual reminders are fine if the visuals don’t stray too far from what we want to be reminded about!




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