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It is what you look at

“It’s not what you look at that matters but what you see.”  [Thoreau]

Now I’m not entirely sure I agree with this quote. Most of the time people want to convey a particular message or story. If the picture isn’t clear enough then the message probably won’t be seen. We’d probably be disappointed if somebody completely missed the point we’re trying to make. Perhaps we’d be happy if someone else liked the photograph, even if it was for a different reason… but wouldn’t we prefer it if the special point in time we captured was recognised by another person for what it was… enabling a shared moment, a flash of recognition, a spark of realising you just understood what someone else has just realised.

Yes, maybe lots of different pictures can make us feel/realise/understand the same thing. But as photographers don’t we want to capture special shots that are different to what other people capture? Don’t we want our pictures to be unique, sharing a unique perspective and story? Don’t we want what’s seen to matter, AND what’s looked at to matter? So I’m saying… I think what we look at DOES MATTER.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When we tell a story with words, we have to put the right words in the best order to share the story. In the same way, if we are using pictures to tell a story we must put them in the correct order to lead the viewer through. I am learning that you can’t just put together a bunch of good photos and think that is enough…it isn’t. If you want to convey a powerful message then the story structure (picture arrangement) needs more care and attention.

So this is my challenge to you: Go and find a story to tell.


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