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Enjoying life sip by sip

The other evening i was enjoying a summery cocktail. I was drinking it fairly slowly, savouring the tastes and enjoying the flavours.  My friend swigged hers down in a couple of gulps. I felt she had wasted it. I was still appreciating mine and hers had gone already. Sometimes it can be better to drink sip by sip.

Sometimes i get caught up in trying to live as much as possible RIGHT NOW, trying to remember YOLO (You Only Live Once). I try and get busy doing lots of cool fun stuff. But it’s exhausting trying to do that all the time. And i wonder if our efforts to live quickly sometimes mean we are actually missing out on some experiences – the very thing we were trying to avoid!

Treating each day as drink to gulp down, like a shot, chasing the fruitful moments… could that mean i don’t enjoy all the nuances of the experiences i am having? It’s going so fast i cant quite savour it… How about INSTEAD sipping my cocktail at a pace where i can recognise all the flavours, use the time i have to spread out this moment i am enjoying, i’m getting more out of this, this experience is richer…

Translating this over a longer time period, i think this is how the last few years of my life have been. I used to be so busy, and then things slowed down. And i know now this isn’t a bad thing. I’m sipping my cocktail and i like it.



One comment on “Enjoying life sip by sip

  1. wissparis
    April 21, 2015

    Exactly! Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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