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Change is gonna come


Change is in the air. Change isn’t always good, but I seem to be at that point in my life where I am welcoming change.

People often don’t like it when they have to learn a new way of doing something they were once familiar with. Sometimes there is a sad reason behind someone having to alter their lifestyle. Change can be challenging, tiring, and lonely. Just don’t let it always be that way.

I think the key to welcoming (or creating) change is… thinking of it as a chance, an opportunity, seeing the POTENTIAL.

I know it is hard, but sometimes your own perspective can really affect how a change actually impacts you. Go in with a negative head and you will struggle. Go and find the positive people! Or better still, think positively yourself. If you have a learning curve ahead of you, keep climbing. Don’t stop after only a few steps up – remember the view gets better the higher you go!

When people want to improve their lot & reach a goal … they actively seek out change. So if you experience change that you weren’t expecting… actively use it to improve your lot. I don’t see why it can’t work both ways.

Don’t be afraid.  See the potential.


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