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Life lessons from a Primrose

Primula vulgaris

Primrose collage 2Learning lessons from little plants of light:

*I love the primroses in the garden, in the woodland, along verges and in hedgerows.

*They can be pale cream to dark yellow, but are always little flashes of BRIGHTNESS.

*A signal of hope as they are one of the earliest spring flowers to bloom: “look, winter is over!

*They can grow solo, and in clusters.

*Naturally they have the habit of growing TOGETHER and forming a cluster, or a clump of primroses.

*Such an IMPACT from a cluster of bright yellow flowers, much more so than from a single bud.

*And they seem to glow in the dark!!!

*Primroses are like BEACONS during dusk. They really shine. (How do they do this?!)

*They know there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. They are brighter together!

The primroses glowing in the fading light of the evening sun, grouped along the edge of the garden path, make me think that they are guiding me home.


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