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Snapshot of my whirling thoughts after first few days in new job:

dawn flight

*It feels slightly surreal because I didn’t think i would actually get the job

*I feel lucky right now

*Swinging between missing my old colleagues vs excited for a new adventure

*Lack of routine makes me feel vulnerable

*Can’t wait to be competant and confident, instead of being unsure and lost

*Change in one part of life is good at shaking up the rest of life

*Am full of energy but can’t use it properly yet

*Don’t feel quite myself, and I think my new team are wondering when I will come out of my shell

*Where did the person who was so on it during the interview go?

*Don’t want to change who i am, but i do want to fit with the team – i will find a balance

*Keep having visions of me in the deep end of a swimming pool – i haven’t come up for air yet!

*Once i am more settled i am going to work so hard and be brilliant… bring on the day!



It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me… And i’m feeling good.

(Just remember, good things can be worth waiting for. Good luck to those who are job-hunting!)


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