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Fighting through February

i wish you joy 2


February. The last month in Winter. Christmas feels as though it was a long time ago. The days are short. It is gloomy. Spring always seems to be a long time coming.

I find it a slog. I have to fight for joy. I don’t like it that the weather gets to me, but it does. Really, I know deep down that Spring will come, that there is hope, that this season will not last forever. I don’t fall into despair, but I do get a bit fed up. I don’t lose all hope, I just wish the better days would get here more quickly. I don’t want to give up, but I do lose a lot of energy to do things.

The things that are most important in life last longer than one season. (Think of people that stick around in your life). In fact the most important things are eternal. (Think of Love that is beyond our understanding). I have to remind myself of this to find perspective during Winter.

But on top of this there are things that help to cheer me up. Things i like to do, people i like to be with, places i like to go to. I know that candles can’t dispel inner darkness, but they can bring a comforting glow to a home. I know that baking isn’t enough to feed my spirit, but it makes my stomach content. I know that walking in beautiful countryside isn’t actually escaping, but it helps to blow the cobwebs from my mind.

If you find February a bit of a fight too, then just know that you’re not the only one. Try to keep doing the little things that cheer you up. But if you just can’t, then don’t worry. Hang in there. Remember the things that give you longer-term joy and invest in them. Consider what would bring you eternal hope.

I wish you joy.



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