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Lessons for myself:

#Remember to go outside during daylight hours…the sun still shines in winter.

#Remember to soak up the joy of Christmas, and not just the busyness…it is meant to be a time of hope.

#Remember that though the trees look dull with no leaves, they are letting more of the wintry sun through and more of the view.

#Remember that beneath the soil the bulbs and creatures still breathe…life is always waiting to emerge.

#Remember that to everything there is a season and time to every purpose under heaven…and that applies to more than just weather.

#Remember to make time for the things that get you through winter…snuggly blankets, carol services, hot chocolate, candlelit evenings, mulled wine, music, foodie treats, hot water bottles, films, little  weekend trips, photographing beautiful frosty scenes, booking the next holiday, and finally but most importantly: people and perspective and prayer.

~Do post your own lessons/encouragements – i’ll take any positive ideas on how to make winter more merry!!~



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